Gnome-vim is a project to support embedding Vim as a bonobo component. This will allow any other gnome program to easily embed Vim as a editing component (not some scaled-down version, but the full editor, complete with GUI menus and toolbars). This lets you:

  • use Vim in Evolution
  • view/edit files within Nautilus using Vim
  • some day (hopefully) you'll be able to use Vim as an editor within IDEs such as Anjuta


Jun 7, 2005: Evo patch updated to Evo 2.2; debian packages built

A few days ago I updated the Evo patch to work with Evo 2.2. There was one small change required due to a change in the composer code.

I also built a debian package which is available in my repository. See the instructions for how to get it.

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Jan 5, 2005: Status of the Evolution patch

Some people have been asking me about the status of the alternate-editor-component patch for Evo. I submitted it originally over a year ago, prior to the 2.0 release. After some minor changes it was approved, but was forgotten and didn't get committed before the code freeze.

Some months later (after 2.0 was released) I updated the patch to apply cleanly against Evo HEAD, and resubmitted. I made a couple of tweaks as requested, and since then haven't heard back.

Having noticed that it still hasn't been committed to CVS, I've sent two polite reminders to fejj asking if there are any further changes I should make, or whether there is anything else I can do to help. So far I haven't received any response.

I guess I'm kind of at a loss for what to do next -- I don't know whether my emails have been spam filtered, whether fejj is ignoring me, or whether he just doesn't consider this patch a high priority. I'll try posting to evolution-patches once more to ask what's up -- hopefully I'll at least get a response.

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Dec 20, 2004: Vim and Gnome-VFS

I spent a chunk of the weekend implementing Gnome-VFS support in Vim. Originally I had thought to do this by changing the Vim core (in C) by wrapping function calls like open, write, close, stat, etc. to use the gnome-vfs equivalents. I realized that this approach would be a lot of work, though, because those routines are not just used to load/save buffers, but also temporary files and any other IO that Vim does. Auditing all of the code would be very difficult, and in cases where Vim wants to deal with local files, it doesn't make sense to do this via the gnome-vfs functions.

Besides, Vim already has support for ftp, scp and a few other protocols by means of the netrw plugin (which is included in the vim distribution).

I discovered that gnome-vfs ships with a tool called "gnomevfs-copy", which can copy from one uri to another. This is essentially the same thing you do with scp, but much more general, as it works for all valid gnome-vfs uris.

Using gnomevfs-copy, I added gnomevfs support to the netrw plugin. That meant learning a lot more vim-script, but I'm very happy with the result: using nautilus, I can browse to a remote server (for example using sftp), and click to edit a file in gvim. Gnome-vfs supports more schemes than I thought, including ssh, nntp, sftp, network, tar, gzip, https, rio500, ftp, davs, dav, bzip2, smb, pipe, and http. Using the uri-chaining, it's probably also possible to directly edit a file in a gzipped tar file (haven't tried yet, though).

I will be submitting it to netrw's maintainer, but until then you can get it here.

Update: I renamed the file to have a .vim extension (as it should). To install it, just drop it into your ~/.vim/plugin directory (creating this directory if necessary).

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Jun 15, 2004: Updated vim patch

June 15, 2004: I've updated the vim patch to apply cleanly to the latest vim CVS. I want to work at cleaning up my vim patch in the hopes that it will be accepted into the official vim distribution.

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Mar 25, 2004: Updated Evo patch for 1.4.6

Anuradha Ratnaweera contributed an updated version of the evo patch for Evolution 1.4.6.

On the Evolution front, I should mention that the patch didn't actually make it into Evo 2.0 -- I submitted it and it got the green light, but it was forgotten about and didn't get committed before the code freeze. I'll resubmit it after 2.0 is released and make sure it gets committed.

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