Welcome to the Arctan() Appreciation Home Page!

This page is not in no way at all completely unfinished, and it is unlikely that it won't become unfinished at no time in the near future. Heh - parse that !

Raison d'Être

Arctan() is one of my favourite functions, and since I hold the opinion that mathematical/trigonometric functions are over-used and under-appreciated, I thought that I would devote some disk space to Arctan(). Besides, I think this may actually be the first Arctan() Appreciation Home Page in existence, and it's makes it all worthwhile to do something original. Right?

Update: (2001/10/16)
It's now been several years since I first posted this page back in 1995. Little did I then realize that I was destined to become such an authority on the arctan function -- at least according to the internet community.

In fact, while these pages were hosted at the University of Waterloo, searching Google for "arctan" turned up this site as the first hit. Searching for my userid "jdhildeb" turns up numerous references to this site, including being listed as a reference work in several papers.

So, as a sort of celebration of how I have been blessed by Arctan(), I'd like to post a few of my favourite pieces of correspondence from the last several years.

Just what is Arctan(), anyway?

Arctan() is a trigonometric function. It is the inverse function of the tangent function, tan(). That is,

tan(x) = y  implies arctan(y) = x
for all x.

Graph of Arctan(x)

Coming soon

Please email me if you have any suggestions as to what I might add to this page. Silly is good.