Issue Description Status
Re-opening saved drafts in Evolution doesn't work Vim fails to start -- it could be crashing. Not started.
Menu Priorities The top-level menus (i.e. File, Edit, etc.) need to be ordered according to the priorities in the vim menu structures. Not started
Toolbar resizing Vim supports different sizes of toolbar icons as well as modes for text/icons/both. We need to take this into account and update the merged toolbar when the user changes the settings. Not started
Keypress Conflicts

Vim needs certain key events to be useful, even if the container app has assigned these keys as menu accelerators. Nautilus, for example, uses Escape, CTRL-R and CTRL-N. Evolution adds a keypress handler which closes the composer window if Escape is pressed.

There are two solutions to handling problems of this type. The first is to modify each container application. This takes time to do, and as Vim has a comparatively small audience, convincing maintainers to merge in these patches would be difficult. The other solution is to modify GTK to give embedded applications (GtkPlug objects) an opportunity to handle these keypresses first.

It appears that this issue will require changing the XEmbed protocol. Since I don't know if I have enough time or clues to do carry this out, I've sidestepped the issue (at least in Evo) by patching Evo to not catch the Escape key if the editor needs it.
Using Multiple Buffers If you open multiple buffers, Vim should remember which of the buffers is the "embedded file" that Evo is interested in. But it's not yet working 100%, so use multiple buffers with caution. Has not been investigated.
GnomeVFS Support It would be great to implement GnomeVFS support in Vim for loading/saving files, since this will allow Vim to access files using any GnomeVFS backend, from Nautilus or other Gnome programs (or by using URIs on command line), such as ftp, ssh, samba. Vim already does some of these protocols natively, but it would be good to have full GnomeVFS support, too.

A quick run through Vim code suggests that at least the following functions would need GnomeVFS support: mch_isdir, mch_setperm, mch_lstat, mch_stat, mch_remove, mch_set_acl, mch_free_acl, mch_set_filetype, vim_write, vim_fexists.

Until this gets implemented properly, you may be interested in Tony White's solution for opening files from gnome-vfs mounted volumes (limited to FTP and SFTP).

Code cleanup We need to split up gtk_gui.c and gtk_gui_x11.c into more files to reduce the number of #ifdef's to keep things sane. This will involve reordering and reorganizing a lot of the code, and finding abstractions to deal with the bonobo/gtk differences more cleanly. Not started.