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  • January 31, 2002 - GSysInfo 2.0 released. New features are highlighted below in red.
  • March 10, 2001 - Simon Piette has contributed an improved spec file and Makefile for Redhat, as well as a binary RPM for PPC systems.
  • March 3, 2001 - GSysInfo 1.1 released. New features include configurable width and half-height mode (for small panels). Check out the new screenshots below.
  • Sept 19, 2000 - GSysInfo 1.0 released. New features include configurable colours and a tooltip containing all info in numerical form.
  • May 30, 2000 - GSysinfo is now available in RPM format, thanks to Brian L. Johnson
  • Feb 26, 2000 - Version 0.9 released. A bug was fixed which sometimes caused the swap file indicator to behave strangely.


GSysInfo is a system monitor for the Gnome panel modelled after the program 'xsysinfo'. GSysInfo is licensed under the GNU Public License.


(new features are in red)

  • system load gauge
    • the load gauge is subdivided into n segments, where n is the next whole number greater than the load.
    • The first n - 1 segments are coloured in completely.
    • The fractional portion of the load is depicted by filling in a just part of the last segment.
    • If this doesn't make sense to you, check the screenshots below.
  • CPU usage gauge
    • system time
    • user time
    • nice time (low priority processes, such as clients)
    • idle time
  • memory usage gauge
    • normal memory
    • memory used by kernel for buffers/cache
    • free memory
  • swap file usage gauge
    • supports multiple swap files
  • battery status gauge (online/offline) and charge-level
  • network traffic gauge
    • distinguishes between incoming and outgoing traffic
    • can add multiple gauges, for different devices (ppp0, eth0, etc.)
  • all info is displayed numerically in a tooltip, which updates in real time
  • configurable colours
  • customizable layout (width,height,spacing,columns)
  • you can change the order in which the gauges appear


You can see gsysinfo between the volume slider and the clock. The system load is about 1.8 (the second segment is not quite full).

Here are the property pages:


GSysInfo is available in Debian, RPM and vanilla flavours. If you'd like to package it in a different format, please do so! (and please drop me a line about it)

Note: These versions of GSysinfo only support Gnome 1.2/1.4. I hope to find time to update GSysInfo to Gnome 2.x, but it may take awhile (my time is limited).

If for some reason you should want them, older versions are available here. They'll be collectors' items in a few years :)


Jason D. Hildebrand <>

I studied computer science and mathematics at the University of Waterloo, and now I do consulting, web development and network programming in addition to contributing to several free software projects.

I've been using Linux since 1997, and GSysinfo was my first real Gnome/GTK program (not counting "Hello, World").

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding gsysinfo, feel free to email me.