Jason D. Hildebrand

178 B Walnut St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 1P1
Tel: 204 775 1212

  Skills Summary

  • strong experience with software projects from gathering requirements through to design, implementation and support
  • solid understanding of software systems and software design principles
  • experience with many technologies and languages; able to select the right tool for a job
  • excellent problem-solving skills
  • able to learn new languages and environments quickly

   Work Experience
9/2001 - present Senior Software Developer, Hosting Manager
PeaceWorks Computer Consulting, Waterloo
  • gathered and refined project requirements in consultation with clients in order to establish scope and provide cost estimates
  • designed, implemented and provided ongoing support for numerous Python and PHP web-based applications
  • designed and oversaw implementation of a REST-based API for a web application allowing 3rd-party integration at the data object level
  • managed client communication and timelines on projects involving multiple developers
  • migrated existing large-scale websites into Drupal CMS
  • collaborated with layout artists and graphic designers to create attractive and effective web pages and user interfaces
  • managed company mail and web hosting operations, including oversight of staff, system administration, 3rd-level customer support
3/2000 - 8/2000 Linux Software Developer, Web.de, Germany
  • extended open-source mail server (Exim) to support web.de's free email service:
    • integrated mail server with Oracle database servers
    • implemented smtp-after-pop3 authentication
    • implemented quota checking during smtp session
    • identified performance bottlenecks, optimized server code
  • implemented an automated test suite in Python to check core functionality of mail system, ensure correct handling and storage of various MIME message types as well as encrypted/signed messages (SMIME)
  • wrote Perl scripts to automate analysis of web site traffic
11/2000 - 12/2000 Linux Consultant, Versorgungstechniksoftware, Germany
  • installed and configured Linux router, including firewall and automatic ISDN dialling, to provide inexpensive internet connectivity for 10-20 workstations
  • configured email and intranet services (Sendmail, Apache, Samba, printing)
1/1999 - 4/1999,
(work terms 6,7)
Software Developer, heiler|Software, Germany
  • identified system requirements for database replication and file transfer between two highCommerce servers
  • designed and implemented C++ COM components responsible for this interaction, including a TCP/IP protocol to support atomic file transfers
5/1996 - 8/1996,
9/1997 - 12/1997,
5/1998 - 8/1998
(work terms 3,4,5)
Software Developer (Database Team), Sybase, Waterloo
  • modified existing SQL preprocessor to conform to ISO standard
  • extended existing database tools (dbcreate,dbbackup,etc.) to support new database storage format while maintaining existing functionality
  • implemented Unicode support in ODBC driver and otherwise assisted in porting database engine and client to Windows CE
9/1995 - 12/1995
(work term 2)
Programmer, Clarica, Waterloo
  • implemented menus and logic for a voice response system using a 4GL script language and telephony system from IBM
1/1995 - 4/1995
(work term 1)
Software support, Clarica, Waterloo
  • provided support and training for users of Windows, Word and other office applications
  • researched and solved diverse software problems
1994 - 1996,
1997 - 2000
University of Waterloo; Honours Bachelor of Math, Computer Science (co-op)
  • placed in top 10% of graduating class
  • co-operative program included seven work semesters (listed below)
  • upper level courses included compiler design, databases, networking and distributed systems, formal languages
1993 - 1994 Canadian Mennonite Bible College; Theology
1990 - 1993 Westgate Mennonite High School, Winnipeg
   Cross-cultural Experience
9/1996 - 8/1997 took part in the Intermenno cultural exchange program (Germany)
   Computer Skills
Languages: Python, PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript, bash/shell scripting, XML/SGML/Xpath/XSLT, C, C++
Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows
Tools: GNU Tools (gcc, ld, make), Source Control Systems (SVN, CVS, P4)
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere
   Interests and Hobbies
  • music (playing guitar, singing in choirs and small groups)
  • hiking and camping
  • using, developing and contributing to open-source software (projects include gsysinfo, Phormation and gnome-vim)
  • Fluent in German

Please contact me at: jason@alumni.uwaterloo.ca